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Entrepreneur, Engineer,

Youtuber, Skier, Builder, Camper

I am Timothy G. Morrissey, PhD of Boulder Colorado. I am multidisciplinary, with experiences spanning business & deep science, videography & youtube, camping & skiing. This website has different sections dedicated to all of these passions. Please reach out to connect with me!

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The only constant in life is change. I love being an entrepreneur as it allows me to live in a constant flux of problem solving, engaging with people, and making a positive impact in the world - the ultimate flow state. I have lead venture-backed deep tech businesses as CEO (Aritmus Robotics), owned and operated lifestyle businesses (Wedding Videography) and even built and launched consumer products (Snow Visa). My unique background mixes my appreciation for business operations with highly technical understanding (PhD in Mechanical Engineering - Material Science). My founder super power is that am I coachable and communicative. 

Tim Morrissey Working in Gargage


I am a materials scientist and mechanical engineer. I have a BS in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University and MS and PhD in Mechanical Engineering - Materials Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder.​

I have worked on research projects ranging from

  • ballistic armor

  • consumer products

  • energy efficient production of materials

  • new types of actuators.

My expertise is in the interaction of materials and electrical energy but I love to explore out of this area as well. 


Videographer & Youtuber

I am passionate about capturing high-quality, energetic, and authentic video to share our experiences and knowledge with each other. My diverse background allows me bring a unique perspective to any video project ranging from corporate narratives, technical explanations, misadventures in the backcountry, and the occasional emotional stories. Check on my personal YouTube channel or the channels of companies I have worked for in the past. 


Builder & Camper

I have completely rebuilt a vintage Four Wheel Camper that lived on my Toyota Tacoma & Tundra for overlanding across the American West. 

I documented the entire restoration process and engage my audience throughout the journey. My youtube content demonstrates my decision points, considerations, lessons learned and adventures.



Skiing has shaped my life and led me to live in Chamonix, France,  Christchurch, New Zealand, and now Boulder, Colorado. I ski every month of the year in Colorado. #TurnsAllYear


Skiing is a constant source of joy in my life.

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