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My Vintage Four Wheel Camper

My four wheel camper is one of my favorite passions. I bought this camper in 2015 for $300 while I was a broke graduate student. Over the course of a few years I completely restored nearly every aspect of the camper, documenting with videos along the way

If you have found any of my camper videos helpful or inspirational, do consider supporting future projects by purchasing a sticker below. 

Four Wheel Camper Overview

Camper Build Videos
Product & Tools
Camping Map

Camper Map

Interested in where you can go off grid camping in the Rocky Mountains, Colorado, and beyond? I have kept track of most, (though not all ;) of my favorite off grid camping spots. Click below to go to an interactive map of many amazing camping spots along with corresponding videos from those trips. 


Build links and info

 During the rebuild of my vintage four wheel camper, I learned a lot about what materials and tools work, and what don't. If you are interested in the products and tools that I found useful, check out the google sheet linked below for a full like of items used during the build.


Some of these links are Amazon affiliate links, I get a very small compensation if you purchase through these links, and it cost you nothing extra. Using these links is a great way to support the channel. 



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Frequently Asked Questions

I get a lot of questions about my camper and trucks. 

Please submit new questions in the chat.

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