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Tim Morrissey capturing video of grand tetons

Video Production

I love to capture and communicate ideas through video. I prefer to be involved in ever step of a video project, from planning and productions, to filming, to final editing, but I am also happy jumping in at any stage of a project. My strongest video skill set is around storytelling and creative editing (Final Cut Pro X). 

Please explore below to see some highlights from my past work and reach out if you would like to discuss how I can help you bring your video idea to life at



Sharing my personal videos with you.


From building my vintage truck camper, to camping and hiking around Colorado, to skiing every month of the year, my personal youtube channel reflects how I spend my time enjoying my life with my friends and family. I would love for you to subscribe and follow along.  

If you are a brand that is interested in working together, please reach out to me, partnerships are available. 


Wedding Films

You make the memories, I'll capture them.

My documentary, fun, and energetic style wedding videos will allow you to relive your wedding for years to come. I'll work with you to identify the mood and energy of the day to ensure your wedding video capture the unique couple that you are. I am based in Boulder, Colorado but happy to travel, especially into the mountains.


I am proud to work with all partnerships, regardless of your religion, creed, gender, sex, sexual orientation or any other identification that is significant to you. Please reach out to me to discuss your video and rates. 

Science Communicatio

Scientific Communication

Communicating complex ideas, simply.

Modern ideas in science and technology can be difficult to explain with just photos and text. Video solves this problem. With a PhD in mechanical engineering, I can dive into the most complex topics to pull out the most important concepts, express these concepts visually and simply, and communicate your ideas to others, thus amplifying the impact.

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